5 Benefits of Children Playing Tennis


The link between a healthy, fit lifestyle and overall happiness has been well-documented. And when it comes to your children and your family, I feel like it’s safe to assume…you want everyone to be happy!

Since we at Tiger Tennis Academy believe tennis is one of the best ways to live a fuller life, we decided to put this blog together and present 5 benefits of children playing tennis.

1. It’s Prosocial

Having a child be able to work with groups from an early age is socially important. In a tennis class setting, children are able to be interactive with one another in a fun, active setting. Tiger Tennis classes, for example, implement games that both teach tennis fundamentals and encourage playfulness.

When you’re able to be yourself without the pressure to perform at a high level, it tends to be more enjoyable, and that’s what we encourage here.

2. Endorphins!

You’ve probably heard the classic expression “runners high” used to describe the semi-euphoric feeling associated with the results of a good run. Well, it’s no different in tennis.

Bjorn Borg once described tennis as “a thousand little sprints,” and he’s not wrong. An intense session on the court, even one that’s not overly competitive, can get you sweating, your cardiovascular systems going, and thus help release endorphins in your brain. This in turn helps achieve happiness, a sense of accomplishment, and an overall satisfaction that’s hard to replicate outside of physical activity.
As a former junior tennis player myself, I would say that my early tennis days accounted for a lot of my happiest childhood memories.

3. It’s Physically Healthy

Endorphins cover an important part of a person’s health, but let’s not forget the physical benefits playing tennis provides a player.

As of 2019, the CDC reported that childhood obesity increased in prevalence in America, affecting about 13.7 million children and adolescents. According to Michael Cramton of Active.com, an hour of tennis can help a person burn 600 calories on average. That’s more calories than a Big Mac! (I looked it up.) Even just a few hours of tennis a week can make a difference.

Tennis also refines hand-eye coordination and balance, which are broadly essential motor skills that come in handy beyond the court.

4. It Develops Problem Solving

A tennis match is like a chess match. It’s more than hitting a little yellow ball; court positioning, strategy, and anticipation are almost more important than being able to hit the ball well.

Children who play tennis get an early start on refining their problem solving skills, as they’ll have to overcome small obstacles while playing points on a moment-to-moment basis–but in a fun way!

5. Tennis Really Is the Sport of a Lifetime

You’ve probably heard plenty of people refer to either golf or tennis as “the sport of a lifetime,” from your uncle in California to the guy who works at the deli and overheard you talking about your forehand, but it’s really true. Tennis is the sport of a lifetime.

A 90-year-old player probably won’t be able to run corner to corner all day, but age isn’t a factor in getting out and hitting a few balls. I personally know two people in their 90’s who play tennis at least a couple of times a week. If they can do it, so can you!

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