7 Essential Things to Bring to Your Child’s First Tennis Practice

  1. Racquets

Having an extra racquet is a must even for your child’s first tennis practice. The last thing you want is for your child to break their strings during the middle of practice. Having the proper racquet will build your child’s confidence and keep them safe while they play.

  1. Tennis Balls

This sounds silly but having some extra tennis balls on hand can be more convenient than you think. Your child may want to warm up on her own before starting practice officially. Or similarly she may be in the middle of a set and might not have the time to reach for a ball on the floor. In small scenarios like this having a few extra tennis balls on hand can go a long way.

  1. Sports Drinks

One of the most common situations tennis players deal with is dehydration. As you watch your child play pay attention to his water intake. You may want to pack a few extra bottles of Gatorade or his favorite energy drink. This will keep him hydrated and alert while he plays.

  1. Towel

Towels are an absolute must when playing tennis. Not only do they remove sweat from your face but they protect you from slipping and falling while you play. We highly suggest packing a small towel that can be easily used during practice. 

  1. Jacket

But won’t this just make my kid hot? At first glance yes, but think about it. A jacket will be an ideal item to keep before and after practice. In the beginning of practice your child is going to need to warm up before playing. A jacket will keep them comfortable and warm up their body in time for practice. Similarly after a long practice giving them a warm jacket will limit cold sweats and regulate their body heat.

  1. Change of clothes

As a parent it’s no secret that you’re always on the go. Therefore, having a change of clothes can be extremely convenient after a long practice. Especially if you have to run errands, packing an extra t-shirt can do wonders for your child’s comfort and bring you convenience as a parent if you have to bring your child somewhere else after practice ends.

  1. First aid kit

Safety first is a must and accidents happen. Packing a small first aid kit can give you peace of mind anytime your child goes on the tennis court.

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