for Principal and Coordinator

The right after-school activity is never an easy choice, I have taught at many schools and know the decision is never easy. Parents constantly want new programs to keep their kids active and not sitting around till they are picked up.

Some of the reasons why you need to change programs are:

1. The after-school program was not reliable with their instructors
2. Parent complaints
3. The children are not happy with the class and don’t want to go
4. Too much administrative work involved

These are just some of the reasons and there are many more.

Sometimes it’s not even your fault as Principal or Coordinator but your school does not offer the space to have some of these activities.

The Tiger Tennis Academy Is A Great Choice For Your After School Program

  • If you are the Principal or After School Director of Programs and you are tired of the same old sports programs;
  • If your school doesn’t have a tennis court;
  • If you are serious of bringing a highly quality tennis program to your after-school program where the program provider will supply all the equipment necessary and take all registration and sign ups;
  • If you’re looking to make your school stand-out with a high-quality program such as tennis;
  • You realize that activities such as tennis will improve the quality of life of all your students. There is scientific proof that tennis improves the quality of life for students and makes them more productive while fighting the 1000lb gorilla, the obesity epidemic;
  • Looking for 100% money back guarantee.

and much more…

If you want to become a hero for your students and their parents, discover our after school program.

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