After School Tennis Programs Create a Safe Space for our Children

A child’s development is contingent on many factors from learning in the classroom to playing and socialization with other children. Participation in after school tennis programs is another way to give children an outlet for self expression and learning new skills while staying away from harm. Enrollment of children into a sports program is a decision which can benefit the child now and well into the future as an adult.



Any program a child participates in has the advantage of providing perspective in a wide range of interests. New things are learned and the child is challenged to think critically, be part of a team and set challenging, yet achievable, goals. Mastering a new skill increases children’s self-esteem and character development. Socialization skills in after school tennis programs are critical towards success of the individual and team as a whole. Exposure to coaches, athletic trainers, other students and competitive play opens possibilities for youth to grow important skills for the game, school and life.


Keeping Busy

Involvement in youth tennis is great protection against destructive habits such as drugs and alcohol. When a teenager is busy, him or her is less likely to gravitate towards activities which lead to depression, anxiety and burnout. Achievement and attendance in after school programs also reduce dropout rates. A teen who interacts with adults on the tennis court are mentored and given instruction which can help guide the youth towards positive thinking, critical thinking skills on the court and precious life skills off the court for dealing with bullying, harassment, difficult home situations or other issues affecting the teen. To have a positive relationship with another adult can reinforce good behavior and mitigate issues with substance use.


Healthy Lifestyle

While after school tennis programs provide not only a safe space, it is also healthy. Youth who participate in tennis are less likely to be overweight and are more likely to enhance body image by focusing on the game, eating properly and keeping a balanced lifestyle away from alcohol and drugs to maintain a good game on the court. Positive peer pressure to stay fit and healthy can be a good thing for teens to maintain a positive body image and focus on good things rather than negative consequences with a lifelong impact.
The game of tennis is a great one for youth to be involved with at any age of development. After school tennis programs provide a safe space to connect with coaches for positive mentoring, other youth for social engagement while promoting a healthy lifestyle which can follow the teen for years to come.

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