Tiger Tennis Academy’s FAQs and Policies

Tiger Tennis Academy is proud to offer lessons for kids in Bayside, Port Washington, Jericho & Garden City. Below are the most frequently asked questions about our tennis lessons and instructors. If there’s a question we didn’t answer, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24-hours. 

Are there required items for our lessons? 

There are three items required for the class:

  • Tennis racquets
  • Tennis sneakers
  • Athletic clothing 

What is your COVID-19 cancellation policy? 

If we do happen to get temporarily shut down, you will have a credit for any missed classes when we return. For example, if we get shut down and you missed three classes, when we start a new semester of 10 classes, you will only have to pay for 7 classes. This will make up for the three classes that were cancelled. 

To help stop the spread, masks must be worn when entering the club but can be taken off on court. All instructors will be wearing a mask and sanitizers will be available at each class. During each lesson, proper social distancing will be observed at all times.

Do you supply tennis racquets for students? 

Unfortunately during COVID times, we cannot supply rackets. You can purchase a racket either at a local sporting goods store or Amazon Prime and you will have one in just a few days

Eventually, you would want to speak to your child’s instructor for recommendations on where to purchase a racket. They will recommend the suitable racket for your child (NOTE: We are no longer supplying tennis equipment due to COVID-19).

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, we do offer trial classes. This is a great way for your child to get a feel of our program. If they enjoy the program and want to sign up for the entire semester, the fees from any trial classes will be applied towards the full 11-week semester.

Can parents watch their child’s tennis lessons?

Not only are you able to, we actually recommend that the parents do stick around for our  3-5 year old program. For our older students between 6-14 years old, parents are welcome to watch but we don’t require you to stay. 

What is your instructor-to-student ratio?

At Tiger Tennis Academy, our student to instructor ratio is capped at 5:1. If we do have more than 5 kids on the court, we will provide a second instructor. The court’s maximum for group lessons in 8 students during a lesson. 

Do you allow makeup lessons?

We allow for one makeup class for each semester. Our instructors will work with you to find a makeup class that fits your schedule. If you do need more than one makeup lesson, please call our office at (646) 339-6450 and we will work with you within reason to get more than one class rescheduled.