Tennis is a great sport that can be played by children of all ages. The sooner a child starts playing, the more they learn and the better they become each year. Tennis can improve a child’s health and teach them valuable lessons that they can use later on in life. We’ve found that if you’re going to keep a child interested in tennis, you have to find ways to make it fun for them.


Make Everything A Game

Children love to play games, and if you turn everything into a game, they are much more likely to pay attention and stay interested in the activity. Even when we are teaching the basic fundamentals of tennis, we need to find a way to make it fun…and we have! Things like making up a rhyme for the names of different swings, challenging our teams to see who can hit the most balls at practice, and we have even made a cleanup a game!


Make It About The Child

When kids play tennis, we like to make sure they know it’s their time and that it’s about them and their team. We spend time helping each child on the team and make sure to take the time to answer their questions and work on the things they need help with. Remember every child is different and deserves our full attention and help and when a child feels like it’s their turn to shine, they are more likely to do so.


Offering Constructive Criticism

When you teach youth tennis, you’re working with kids who are new to the sport and may not have played before. Our instructors often need to teach them many things to help them perfect their skills. This means a lot of constructive criticism. The worst thing a coach can do when trying to let kids play tennis is tell a child he or she is doing something wrong. Instead, we focus on providing constructive (positive) criticism and teaching each child how they can get better or fix what they are doing wrong without using negative tones or words.


Give Plenty Of Praise

Children need to hear when they are doing a good job, and that means they need a lot of praise. When a child knows he or she is doing well at tennis, they will be more likely to work harder to become even better. Praise doesn’t only have to be given after a big win; even small accomplishment can be celebrated and rewarded with praise.  

We knew when we started Tiger Tennis Academy that to reach young children, we needed to find a way to make our sport fun. This can take some creativity and effort, but if we can make tennis fun, your child is more likely to stay interested during practice and pay better attention. This will help them learn more and improve faster and will eventually make them better players.