First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the tennis moms around the world! It’s truly one of the most special holidays on the calendar, so we at Tiger Tennis would like to emphasize its importance.

I often hear people outside of the sport talk about tennis parents being overbearing. However, insiders know that’s not always the case. And, oftentimes, the backbone of a healthy child-to-parent tennis upbringing is a mother.

The expression ‘tennis mom’ can be attributed to numerous kinds of mothers. It can be a mom who plays the game, a mom who has a passion for the game, one who often goes to watch their children play, or it can be one who does all of those things.

If you’re a tennis mom who plays the sport, then right off the bat your child has a hitting partner. How cool is that?! Just don’t be surprised when they get older, better, and start to beat you all the time. Evolution is ruthless, but it’s fine in this case.

If you don’t play tennis but are able to go to your children’s tennis matches, that’s wonderful! There is not much else in parenthood you can do better than being there for your child. Going to their different activities to support is one of the best forms of being there. So even if you don’t play tennis, getting out to their tennis matches and practices is a great effort.

If you happen to not play, and you work when your children play tennis, but still love the sport, then that’s great too! A love for tennis is a great way for a mother and child to bond. Taking some time out of the day to talk about Federer’s latest results, or just how your child is doing, is something that goes a long way.

Part II: Why Getting Into Tennis is Beneficial for Moms, Too!

Now, for the second part of this Mother’s Day blog, I’ll get into why picking up tennis is great for any mother thinking of trying the sport out.

For starters, tennis is a fun workout. It works your legs, arms, torso, and overall fitness, all while feeling like a fun game. Unlike gym routines, there is little repetition, making it a less mundane workout option.

Not only does tennis work every part of your body on the physical side, but it exercises your brain, too.

Going through drills and games requires strategy on the move, which makes for a strenuous mental exercise. It also stimulates endorphins, which often gives players a ‘runner’s high’ under the right conditions.

Another great—and possibly the best—reason to play tennis is the socializing that comes with it. Picking up this sport is one of the best ways to make friends, or to even bond with existing friends. You hit the court, gossip a bit on changeovers, go for drinks after; it’s a great way to spend free time!

Tennis is also a great sport to start at any age because it reaffirms the value of teamwork and communication. When you play doubles, if you want to do well, you’ll likely have to communicate with your partner. Practicing this on the court translates to all other areas of life, too.

Another thing moms new to the sport will probably like about tennis is the clothing. From my own experience with my mother, as well as any tennis moms I know from my tennis circles, I know that tennis wear is something that’s highly valued by many female competitors. Start a new sport, get a new set of clothes to pick from.

To tie the reasoning for starting tennis back to being a mother, it’s good for the simple reason of being able to play with your family. As I mentioned earlier, a tennis mom is an automatic hitting partner. So it works for both you and the kids if you ever want to play but have trouble finding someone.

Tennis moms aren’t just part of the backbone of their child’s development, but a part of the backbone of the sport as well. Without them, tennis would be missing a lot of necessary love, support, business, and vehicles for keeping the sport popular.

So salute to you, mothers. Enjoy your Mother’s Day, and always remember just how important you are.