Walter Giacometti | THE FOUNDER & DIRECTOR

Walter is a born and raised New Yorker, living most of his life in Fresh Meadows, NY. He has always had a love of sports, growing up playing baseball and soccer before taking up tennis relatively late at the age of 15. Walter was teaching kids by the age of 16 at his High School coach’s tennis camp and was a scholarship player at St. John’s University. He has spent the last 20 years sharing his passion for tennis while teaching people of all ages. Walter has always believed that developing coordination skills and technique is very important but the number one thing at an early age is to have FUN playing tennis. This will give your child the best chance of taking tennis to the next level. Currently Walter is not only the Director of the Tiger Tennis Academy but also the Head Coach of the Division 2 LIU Post University Women’s Tennis Team.

Our hand selected coaches are highly qualified, experienced in the USTA standards and background checked. In addition to the instructor’s qualifications, our coaches all share and display a passion for kids and the sport. We focus on hiring not only experienced coaches, but coaches with great personalities and abilities to connect with kids in order to make tennis a fun learning experience and hopefully a lifelong sport for them.


Shane Tomonia | Instructor

Courtney Tham | Instructor

Rino Cattabiani | Instructor

Christopher Charles | Instructor

Christopher Tham | Instructor

Want to join our Team?


Active kids mean children who play sport and establish great relationships with their friends

Healthy kids or healthy children who are comfortable both in body and mind, acquiring security and friendships without feeling left out

Happy family because you will see your child is feeling good and having fun and your life is easier because we have a location near you.

Tennis Classes for Kids in Manhattan, Queens, and Nassau
Choose a location, day, and time that is convenient for you
Three age groups are available (4-5, 6-9 and 10-14)
Children learn tennis skills in an engaging and safe environment
All children participate……No child left on sidelines


Are you a high energy individual?  Do you enjoy working with kids?  Tiger Tennis is always looking for new dedicated staff members to join our staff.

Fill out the form and attach your CV to get your application started.

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