We all need a little inspiration. Where would we be without it? It’s a nuance of life that is invaluable in pretty much any arena, and especially in sports.

A big reason behind the cyclical spread of sports and their influence on culture lies in the enticing glory, level of competition and spoils available at the highest levels. Humans are largely competitive, but added incentives make sporting even more worthwhile.

For young athletes, there are many physical health benefits to being involved in sports. However, there are also invaluable mental benefits to such activities, too. Sports teach life lessons through the triumphs and tribulations they present; and since physical activity is often fun, there’s no coincidence why parents get their kids involved in athletics.

However, incentive isn’t always a physical reward. Sometimes basic interest and inspiration manifests into something deeper that drives one to be passionate about something.

Many of the most accomplished people in history have been inspired somehow; and that’s not a fact, that’s just a centuries-old trend. A tennis world example of an inspired athlete is Andy Murray, who’s cited Andre Agassi as his idol growing up.

When children have an athlete to look up to in their sport(s) of choice, it makes the sport(s) that much more enticing to them. They don’t just want to be good—they want to be where their favorites are.

That’s why professional sports do have significant purpose in culture. Organizations like the ATP World Tour, NBA, MLB and the athletes they put on display have a great deal of influence on society because of the people they inspire. Sports present skills and drama in ways that often make for great spectacles, and these feelings translate to most parts of life.

Kids often excel when they have inspiration to drive their passions. Whether it be for the tennis court, the classroom, or for elsewhere, it’s always good to encourage that inspired feeling. Encourage those odd-time-of-the-day practice sessions they want to go out for, and keep the passion going!