The Safety of Indoor Tennis


Tennis has a positive influence on the physical and mental health of players of all ages, and especially on our kids. At Tiger Tennis Academy, we want each child to have fun and feel good about what they learn on the courts. And most importantly, whether they’re playing outside or indoors, we want to make sure that your kids stay healthy and safe.
If you want to get your child started with tennis, you might be wondering if it’s safe for your child to play tennis indoors?


Wear a face mask. All instructors wear masks, even while on the court. (At some Tiger Tennis locations, we require masks while students are on the court.)


Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after playing, and avoid touching your face.


Students are required to bring their own racquet. Avoid borrowing someone else’s racquet and keep your racquet clean and sanitized.

Ball Handling

Players who follow these recommendations will keep themselves and those around them safe.


Playing Tennis Indoors

You might be hesitant about the idea of playing indoors due to the nature of the coronavirus. While it’s true that the virus is more likely to spread in closed areas with not enough ventilation, an adequately ventilated indoor space maintains a safe environment.
At Tiger Tennis Academy, indoor tennis takes place in a large, well-ventilated dome.

  • The air quality in a dome resembles the same conditions you’d find outdoors.
  • Dome ventilation is exceptional compared to most buildings.
  • The size of the dome itself allows plenty of room to maintain social distancing.

Benefits of Indoor Tennis for Kids

If your child hasn’t shown much of an interest in sports, tennis is worth a try. And with the option to play indoors, your child can get started at any time of the year. Even after only a few classes, many kids end up loving it and experience a variety of benefits. Here are just a few:

1.Physical Activity

]Tennis is a fun way to encourage kids to be more physically active and spend some time away from devices and screens. Kids improve their physical fitness while developing valuable skills that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. And healthy kids are more likely to become healthy adults.

2.Social Skills

Not only will your child learn something new, but they will also meet a new group of kids. In this environment, kids have the opportunity to practice important social skills, like communication, respect, and following directions.


Tennis trains the brain as much as the body. And as a result, kids develop skills that help them focus. They become better listeners and improve their ability to concentrate.

Have Fun and Stay Safe

Whether it’s played outside or indoors, tennis is a safe sport for kids. In conjunction with the safety guidelines in place, tennis remains an excellent way for kids to stay active and learn something new.

If you’re ready for your child to try something new, Tiger Tennis Academy is where beginners come to play. We teach tennis skills in a safe and engaging environment where we encourage kids to become more active, healthy, and happy through tennis.

Together, we can make sure that tennis continues to be a safe sport for your kids to enjoy.

Getting Started With Tennis Safely

Tiger Tennis Academy is where beginners come to play. If your child is new to tennis, then this is the academy for you and your family. Our goal is to encourage kids to become more active, healthy, and happy through tennis. And we teach tennis skills in an engaging and safe environment.

Using the USTA recommendations for players and facilities, we are taking steps to maintain a safe environment for our players. You’ll find our instructors wearing masks, even while on the court. Students are required to bring their own racquets, and proper social distancing is observed at all times. Together, we can make tennis a safe sport for your kids to enjoy Tiger Tennis Academy | 5 Locations

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