Why Junior Tennis Lessons are Helping Our Kids Grow

Tennis is a great sport for building skills such as hand-eye coordination and motor control. While singles tennis focuses on the individual, it is definitely a more social sport and activity which can increase opportunities for engagement with leagues, tournaments and connection to groups. Kids learn personal accountability but also teamwork, a skill which can provide benefits for life. Many other benefits help kids grow, including junior tennis lessons.


Getting Started

A child who wishes to start playing tennis must be ready to play physically and mentally. Coordination and movement games teach building blocks but most kids are usually ready to play by the age of 4 years old. Young children can learn many skills and develop goals which are achievable but challenging enough to grow into over time. Tennis can be a recreational activity but also a sport played for competition as a child gets older. Junior tennis lessons provide an open door to teaching the right skills to prepare a child for either recreational or competitive play.



Setting goals is an important aspect of playing tennis. Whether a child is playing at a very young age or a more junior level, it is important to have goals on which to focus. One goal is for children to take the sport as far as the kid wants, whether on a high school team or competitive team. Going down each of those roads offers a very different philosophy  and foundation upon which to set goals. Part of a child’s growth in junior tennis lessons is deciding how far to go, how serious the child wants to take the sport and how much time and effort will be dedicated to learning the skills necessary to go as far as the outlined goals provide.



When looking for the best program to help build a child’s tennis skills, the staff is an important first step. Professional staff who have longevity with a program develop rapport with one another and students under their care. A robust program provides for a full spectrum of levels to help children to adults learn the best skills possible. Junior tennis lessons provide an opportunity to build skills as a youth which can guide teens towards more competitive play in school and outside tournaments, as desired. Finding the right program is contingent upon both the parent’s willingness to support the child and the kid’s determination to succeed at the chosen level. A child who wants to grow into an accomplished player will seek out programs to help build skills to that end. Parents can be supportive by offering help in locating appropriate programs and seeking ways to guide the child in a positive way which helps them grow into healthy adults with a love for tennis.

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